Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LIRIK : Daarchlea - Seeping Dher Blod From Herr

Life creeping to the blackened tree,
Illusion separating deeds,
Forgiveness is all he wants,
With lust and hate..divine...
Now lust and hate divie...
Promiscuity,from vein in my breath

Blood spatters ever since
The sky remorse had slowly fall to earth
While cruelty build a dream for cry

Wind walking for distance
Lavishly throw our life to side
Despotic art grown inside

Immoral shall rebuke
Raise insurgent wall
divulging all the truth for confession

Night,they had lead for the dark
And a thorn in a breeze of a sleepless cry
She was born again to die

In another eye of a lie
Here to come clawing on grinding kind
Making love to sun evil thought in her mind

For eyes to see
For nose to sniff
For hand to feel
For mouth to feed

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