Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LIRIK : Hello, Is this the band? - Secret Admirer

hey you,
will you come to me and tell me your secrets
you've crossed your fingers
for so many years
and let go all your dreams

this is the final line
to the end of time
just cross it over
out into the world

what is it you want me to say to you
uwo uwo
everything you wanted me to do
it's the end of December

were you frightened away
by the happiness that you saw
this freedom that you took
and taken for granted

why do people have to change
becoming what they used to hate
you maybe different but im still the same
hold on, just hold on

scream in silence
you synthesize my feelings

you're unbreakable
self destructive and predictable
come back now oh come back now
find your way back home

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